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What makes the Phoenix Day Care Programme different - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
Alcohol crept up on me, to the outside world my drinking looked normal. I have a sibling who is an addict, so in comparison I suppose it didn’t seem that bad. Behind closed doors it was out of control. I didn’t like what was happening to me,

Gambling Addiction a truly European problem - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
All over Europe problem gambling or Gambling Addiction has become a real issue. 53% of over 16s in the UK made a bet last year, it is estimated that around 430,000 people are addicted to gambling and 1.85 million are at risk of becoming problem gamblers or Gambling Addicts.

What if I can’t afford Residential Rehab?? - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
My problem drinking had been affecting my life for many years. I had tried rehab previously and it worked for a short while. Then I secretly started using drugs instead. I was hiding it from my friends and family…. until drugs weren’t enough, and I picked up a drink again.

Europe goes into Lockdown - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
As all of Europe goes into varying degrees of government enforced lockdowns and its land borders shut for 30 days, here are some tips from Phoenix Programmes for staying sane when self-isolating for safety……Accept you have no control over the situation. You can’t change what is happening

Women and Addiction in Europe - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
In the past substance abuse has been thought of as a principally male issue.  However, over the last three decades the numbers of women addicted to substances has risen steeply and statistics now show that adolescent girls and young women aged 12-20 are more likely to underage drink, binge drink or misuse prescription drug.

Men’s Mental Health & Addiction in Europe - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
For a long time, men’s struggles with Mental Health have been pushed under the carpet or even treated with disdain. It is thought that  The overriding feelings and emotions associated with alcoholism and addiction are despair, hopelessness and loneliness - this can lead addicts to suicide as an escape from these feelings..

Why I chose Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
'I knew I was in trouble; I was supposed to be holidaying in Europe with family and instead I was stuck in a hotel alone, drinking. I realised at that moment I needed help. I asked a family member to investigate addiction rehab centres across Europe and we researched the best options together.

One woman's escape from addiction
'I became an alcoholic overnight': one woman's escape from addiction. Anita Cragen, 64, was living her dream life in the UK until the shock of her father’s unexpected death triggered a descent into alcoholism. My mum died when I was 36, after 25 years of fighting cancer. Six weeks later, in September 1991.

Suicide & Addiction in Europe - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
Suicide is the leading cause of premature death in young adults. According to the World Health Organisation more than 1 million people in the world commit suicide each year and 5% of adults attempt suicide at least once in their lifetime.

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