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Why wouldn’t I choose a rehab near me?
Do you feel that your drinking, drug using, gambling – or any other addiction – has gotten too much. That the consequences are endless and at times (or all the time) you feel your life is spiralling out of control.

Lockdown life, did your drinking get out of control?
Lockdown was a stressful, anxious, lonely, and sometimes even downright dull, time for many. On top of the isolation many needed to assume the extra or sole responsibility for tasks

Lockdown sees a rise in the use of alcohol, drugs, & gambling
During lockdown restrictions were placed on the sale of alcohol in many countries; some including South Africa and Greenland went so far as to temporarily ban the sale of alcohol altogether.

The story of a teenager’s alcohol and solvent abuse
While working in Dubai - as a consultant senior addiction therapist helping to set up the first government driven addiction treatment rehab centre - I was living in a hotel apartment complex.

Online counselling, e-health, remote therapy
Even before the current Covid-19 pandemic, (which has seen most of the planet in some form of confinement or lockdown), in recent years the rise in online therapy has been growing rapidly.

What makes the Phoenix Day Care Programme different - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
Alcohol crept up on me, to the outside world my drinking looked normal. I have a sibling who is an addict, so in comparison I suppose it didn’t seem that bad. Behind closed doors it was out of control. I didn’t like what was happening to me,

One woman’s true story of hope and recovery
The first time I heard the name Anita Cragen was in November 2004, from a friend of mine in London. Michael had lived in South Kensington for several years and was a regular on the local wine bar circuit,

Gambling Addiction a truly European problem - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
All over Europe problem gambling or Gambling Addiction has become a real issue. 53% of over 16s in the UK made a bet last year, it is estimated that around 430,000 people are addicted to gambling and 1.85 million are at risk of becoming problem gamblers or Gambling Addicts.

Dubai – The challenge and experience of a lifetime
I had taken a well-earned vacation and was traveling back from Australia via Dubai. I have friends in Dubai and thought I would give them a call to let them know I was passing through to see if they wanted to meet up for a coffee on my stopover,

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