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Women and Addiction in Europe - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
In the past substance abuse has been thought of as a principally male issue.  However, over the last three decades the numbers of women addicted to substances has risen steeply and statistics now show that adolescent girls and young women aged 12-20 are more likely to underage drink, binge drink or misuse prescription drug.

Online gambling company helps with addiction treatment
In 2010 I was asked by the company Edward worked for to fly to Hong Kong to meet with Edward and one of the directors to give an assessment; with the possibility of him coming into treatment for his gambling addiction

Men’s Mental Health & Addiction in Europe - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
For a long time, men’s struggles with Mental Health have been pushed under the carpet or even treated with disdain. It is thought that  The overriding feelings and emotions associated with alcoholism and addiction are despair, hopelessness and loneliness - this can lead addicts to suicide as an escape from these feelings..

Why I chose Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
'I knew I was in trouble; I was supposed to be holidaying in Europe with family and instead I was stuck in a hotel alone, drinking. I realised at that moment I needed help. I asked a family member to investigate addiction rehab centres across Europe and we researched the best options together.

One woman's escape from addiction
'I became an alcoholic overnight': one woman's escape from addiction. Anita Cragen, 64, was living her dream life in the UK until the shock of her father’s unexpected death triggered a descent into alcoholism. My mum died when I was 36, after 25 years of fighting cancer. Six weeks later, in September 1991.

Suicide & Addiction in Europe - Phoenix Programmes Residential Rehab
Suicide is the leading cause of premature death in young adults. According to the World Health Organisation more than 1 million people in the world commit suicide each year and 5% of adults attempt suicide at least once in their lifetime.

What is Sober Living programme
Are you or someone you love suffering from an alcohol or drug problem? Phoenix Sober Living programme is a flexible, affordable alternative to traditional residential rehab. There are various options when it comes to getting professional help for addiction and compulsive disorders, ranging from residential and highly structured through to outpatient.

What is addiction?
Being addicted to something means to continually and obsessively do something that makes you feel rewarded or happy, despite there being negative or unfavourable consequences by doing so. Some people are addicted to a substance such as alcohol or drugs, whilst others are addicted to an activity like sex, gambling

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD, is a disorder that can develop if a person experiences a shocking or disturbing event, or series of events. For example, war or combat, a terrorist attack, a serious accident, a natural disaster or a rape or violent assault. PTSD can also occur in people

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