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My problem drinking had been affecting my life for many years. I had tried rehab previously and it worked for a short while. Then I secretly started using drugs instead. I was hiding it from my friends and family…. until drugs weren’t enough, and I picked up a drink again – I almost lost everything including my life.

I knew I needed help, but I was screwed financially, and I couldn’t afford residential rehab again. Phoenix Sober Living Programme was suggested to me as an alternative and I jumped at the chance.

The sober living programme gave me the structure and safety of a rehab. There were daily lectures & therapy at the clinic in the morning. A place to stay with a companion who looked after my meals and gave me lifts to my daily sessions at the clinic, plus recovery meetings in the evenings. I had free time in the afternoons for activities like the gym and I was also able to get online with my job and do some work.

Phoenix Programmes has taught me I can never pick up a drink or a drug again… safely. I will use anything I can to change the way I feel, if I don’t fix the problems inside of me.

During my time with them I was given support, care and understanding. I ate properly again for the first time in a long time. … I gained 3 kilos. I started sleeping properly. I got into the habit of going to daily recovery support meetings and I developed skills and tools that will help me once I leave. I even got a new job which I started once I left.

I would say to anyone looking at treatment with Phoenix – do it, don’t be scared! The course is amazing, the team is fantastic, and it will help you change your life!

If you think you or a family member has substance misuse problem, contact our professional addiction team, Phoenix Programmes, on their confidential helpline +34 685 582 150

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