Cocaine induced Heart attacks

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Numerous studies have shown the use of cocaine can increase the likelihood of heart problems. Even short term or first-time users can suffer adverse effects, so those people using the drug on a regular basis are significantly increasing their chances of a heart attack or other heart related illnesses.

Cocaine use causes a sudden rise in blood pressure and heart rate, meaning the force of the heart is working much harder. At the same time, it causes the veins that feed blood to the heart to constrict, reducing blood flow to the heart leaving the heart starved of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to cope with the increased force. Any of these factors can lead to a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke.

The use of cocaine (and other recreational and addictive drug use) is linked to an increase in the intake of both alcohol and tobacco, which adds an increased strain to an already overburdened muscle. Habitual smokers and drinkers are already more likely to suffer from an increased likelihood of problems with their hearts & circulatory systems.

Another side effect of cocaine (and other amphetamines) use is a suppressed appetite which has led to those people struggling with eating disorders using it as an aid to dieting and a means for controlling their weight. Poor diet and lack of proper nutrition can also have a negative impact on the heart. Meaning in this category the chances of suffering some sort of heart related medical issue is extremely high.

Over the last two decades the American Heart Association has pushed to increase public knowledge of the damaging impact of cocaine use on the heart. It noted in a 2018 study that 5% of heart attack suffers under the age of 50 were cocaine users, and that 1 in 10 were either cocaine or marijuana users.

Despite this the number of recreational, habitual and chronic users of cocaine has steadily risen, and with it the numbers of users suffering either life changing, or fatal heart problems has also increased dramatically.

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