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As all of Europe goes into varying degrees of government enforced lockdowns and its land borders shut for 30 days, here are some tips from Phoenix Programmes for staying sane when self-isolating for safety……

Accept you have no control over the situation. You can’t change what is happening and you might not like it but if you just accept “it is what it is” then you can move past the feelings of anger and resentment and it will get easier.

Don’t watch endless news cycles, this will only feed into feelings of anxiety, depression and hopelessness. Limit when you watch the news and try not to do it just before bedtime. Maybe watch the lunchtime news that way you can reach out to people afterwards if necessary and talk about anything that you’ve seen that has upset or worried you.

Remember you are not alone in this; it is not just happening to you – this is affecting millions of people around the globe.

Stay connected, write an email, get online or pick up the phone – you reaching out to someone else might just make their day, and it will help you get you out of yourself.

Don’t lie in bed all day, every day. Unless you are sick - get up and do something, it will help you feel productive and useful!

Get into a routine or write a list. It helps if you have specific things to do, gives you a sense of accomplishment once they are completed and it feels good when you cross things off a list!

Take care of yourself. Make the time to prepare and cook proper food….. and do some exercise, this will work towards keeping you healthy and help you sleep better.

Have gratitude for what you have got – however little it may be! Try and be positive about the good things in your life.

Appreciate the little things – the birds singing, the sun shining, the goodness in people - the people waving as they walk past your house or singing and clapping on the balconies in the evening.

Always remember there is no problem that a drink or a drug won’t make worse – so if you are clean & sober – stay that way! Picking up now is not going to make a difficult situation any better – only much, much worse.

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