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All over Europe problem gambling or Gambling Addiction has become a real issue.

53% of over 16s in the UK made a bet last year, it is estimated that around 430,000 people are addicted to gambling and 1.85 million are at risk of becoming problem gamblers or Gambling Addicts. Reports from Germany suggest that the use of alcohol and tobacco has gone down but there has been a significant rise in the numbers of problem gamblers.

In Sweden the number of female problem gamblers has risen sharply in the last 10 years. 64% of people with a problem severe enough to be considered a gambling addiction are now women. Nearly 3% of people in Switzerland gamble excessively and it warns that the constant availability of online games makes this form of gambling especially risky.

Ireland said in 2019 that the number of people being treated for problem gambling had reached record levels. Whilst Spain is found to have the highest rates of teenagers suffering from gambling addiction in Europe.

And it’s not just happening in the casinos. Today people can run up thousands of pounds worth of debt through online betting websites throughout Europe without even leaving the house, on their laptops and smart phones.

Gambling addiction is linked to depression, anxiety, self-harm & suicide. The number of people who were admitted to hospital for problems with or relating to, gambling has doubled since 2012.
Problem gambling is a compulsive disorder that is defined by not being able to stop, despite there being negative consequences. Often a person causes harm (emotional, financial or even physical) to themselves or those close to them.

As with any addiction gambling is a progressive disease that gets worse over time if it is left untreated. Young, old, male or female – addiction in any form is ageless, classless and genderless it can affect anyone.

If you, or someone you love, is struggling with an addiction problem contact the specialist team at Phoenix Programmes on their confidential helpline +34 685 582 150

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