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When people start looking at alcohol or addiction treatment options the appeal to get away from their day to day life is strong – away from all the chaos and drama that often ensues towards the end of a person’s drinking and using: And it is quite often exactly the break both the individual and their family needs. The individual is taken away where the immediate problem occurred; and the family get a chance to recover themselves, addiction is a family illness and it can devastate not only the user but those close to them.

With residential rehab centres now widely available all over Europe it is not unusual for those suffering to travel within their country or even go overseas to get the best treatment available to them for their addiction or disorder.

Everyone uses drugs or drink (or their specific addiction or disorder) differently; and everyone’s recovery will be different. Looking for the right treatment centre for you or a loved one can sometimes feel like wading through a minefield, and people often have specific criteria they wish to meet.

Most of questions below may seem obvious, once you look at them; you just need to prioritise which are the most relevant to you and your situation – or that of the person who you are looking for treatment for.

1. In many cases the top of the list will be finance and - Can I/we afford the price of this treatment?

When calculating the cost of the treatment make sure you add in any extra’s like travel to and from the treatment centre, or from the nearest airport or coach/bus/train terminal – does this come included or do you need to add this on top?

It is important to find out what exactly is included in the treatment price quoted by the centre. Food, accommodation, and treatment are the obvious ones and most centres will include this in the price – but what about activities? Some centre’s offer a range of leisure and relaxation activities - such as yoga and massage - but will you be charged on top for these or is there a limit on the number of sessions you can have?

2. What type of treatment programs do they offer? And does the rehab centre offer a complete program? What type of aftercare or ongoing support package do they have?

If a treatment facility is advertised as a 12 Step centre, do they offer a complete 12 Step program? Many centres only cover the first 3 or sometimes 5 steps; to ensure the best chance of achieving long term recovery it is best to get a good solid grounding in the full 12 Steps before leaving the safety of residential care and going back to the “real” world.

It is even better if the treatment centre offers a support or “aftercare” program. This means clients can continue to check in - on a periodic basis, by phone, Skype or in person – with their trusted addiction therapist as they come up against day to day problems in real time once they go back to their homes, work and families.

3. How much experience has the team got? What addictions and disorders do they cover? How long has the treatment centre been running? What are their success stories?

It is important to know exactly how experienced and qualified the team who will be treating you or a loved one is. Do they have medical staff available specifically a Doctor, Nurse, or a Nutritionist? This is particularly important if you think you will need a medical detox or if you have health complications caused by your addiction or disorder. What qualifications do the centre therapists hold? Are they internationally qualified? How long have they been treating people? You want to know that you or your loved one is going to be looked after by people that have had experience in all types of conditions and situations. Also are there client stories or testimonials you can see? Reading about others past stories of treatment will give you confidence that you will receive the best care possible.

All the above give you some ideas for what to look out for when searching for a rehab centre. Most importantly when speaking to the centres – is the person who picks up the phone part of the team? Some centres now are part of a big chain and you will end up on the other end of the phone to a call centre. For individualised, personal care it is always best if you are able to talk directly to the therapist, Doctor or another member of the rehab team.

For more details on all our treatment programs or if you think you or a family member has a problem and want to speak to someone confidentially about treatment and options, please call our l helpline on +34 685 582 150

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