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I knew I was in trouble; I was supposed to be holidaying in Europe with family and instead I was stuck in a hotel alone, drinking. I realised at that moment I needed help. I asked a family member to investigate addiction rehab centres across Europe and we researched the best options together.

There were two main things that drew me towards Phoenix over other European rehabs; firstly, they specialised in a range of addictions and treatments: alcohol, drugs and behavioural addictions and compulsive disorders. Secondly was the experience of all their staff, which is hardly surprising as they are the oldest established treatment centre in Spain and rated one of the best residential rehab centres in Europe.

Once I started speaking to centres, I was immediately struck by the difference at Phoenix Programmes and my main reason for choosing them over several other European residential rehabs is because I was spoken to directly by the lead addiction specialist from the first phone call. It felt personal, and treatment is personal. I wasn’t treated like a commodity. I felt listened to and understood from the word go.

Phoenix Programmes have a unique way of helping people in need. Their knowledge of working to help alcoholics and addicts is amazing. The way the courses are run show a level of proficiency and experience that I was happy to take full advantage of. It was easy to follow and once I had the willingness the program came easy.

The entire team is patient and helpful. I enjoyed my time at Phoenix Programmes immensely. The food was brilliant (too good sometimes ha ha) and I enjoyed the exercise and relaxation activities. I would highly recommend Phoenix Programmes to others looking for a solution to addiction and a new way of living.

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