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- flexible, affordable treatment for your employees

If, following the initial Screening & Assessment, further treatment is required for an employee to deal with drug or alcohol misuse then day treatment offers a very effective and affordable solution. Because there is no time spent in residential treatment, the impact on the business and the employee's life is limited and the costs are significantly lower than for residential programmes.

Treatment comprises 40 hours of intensive sessions delivered at our practice in San Pedro, usually over a 4 week period. At the core of the treatment is a comprehensive programme of sessions delivered by Chris Spencer, an internationally recognised expert in addiction and alcohol and drug misuse disorders. These sessions will thoroughly explore the problem, identifying and addressing any underlying issues and giving the client the tools and strategies they need to tackle their problem alcohol or drug use.

In addition to this core programme, employees will also spend time with other member of the Phoenix Team. For example, they will have sessions with Dr Charles Triay focusing on the medical aspects and consequences of addiction and with Anita Cragen, exploring how to repair and re-build relationships damaged by past behaviours.

Where there has been significant damage to relationships with family or loved ones then it is also possible to incorporate a number of family sessions into the treatment programme.

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Day Treatment Programme - Alcohol & Drug Problems, Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain

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