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Phoenix Programmes’ unique portfolio of online therapy courses combine all the expertise of our residential and day care services, with the added convenience and flexibility of on-line delivery.

We developed our on-line programmes for a simple reason. We recognise that not everyone is willing or able to travel for treatment although, and we felt for these people, there were no credible alternatives to face to face treatment.

As a result we created what we believe to be the most comprehensive on-line recovery solution in the world – and the only one to take clients through all 12 steps of recovery. This means clients can now access Phoenix Programmes’ proven expertise from the comfort of their own homes.

The 28 Day Recovery Programme €1,900
A unique, fully comprehensive therapy programme and the only online addiction treatment that takes clients through the full 12 step treatment model. Choose full recovery - wherever you are, whatever you are doing
The 28 day Recovery Programme

The 2 Month Recovery Plus Programme €2,500
Including all the benefits of the 28 day programme with an additional month of aftercare support to ensure that you maintain your recovery after treatment.
The 2 Month Recovery + Programme

The 3 Month Complete Recovery Programme €2,900
Offering all the benefits of the Recovery Plus Programme, together with an additional month of counselling with your addiction therapist.
The 3 Month Complete Recovery Programme

Why choose online recovery?

CONFIDENTIALITY - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
AFFORDABILITY - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
CONVENIENCE - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
EXPERTISE - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
SIMPLICITY - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
PROVEN SUCCESS - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain

How it works

Assessment - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain

Your recovery journey starts with a full clinical assessment, where our qualified and professional team will evaluate your specific circumstances and situation to ensure that on-line therapy is the right solution for you. Only when this is complete – and we are 100% confident that you will benefit from the programme – will your on-line therapy programme start. In this way, you can be sure that you have chosen the right programme for you.
Schedule - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain

One of the greatest benefits of our on-line therapy programmes is the flexibility they offer. Because all treatment is delivered on a 1:1 basis, there is no need to wait for the next intake to start your programme. As soon as your assessment is completed then your programme will begin.

At the outset, your therapist will agree with you a full schedule which will comprise both 1:1 video counselling sessions/lectures and independent work, where you will be completing tasks and activities agreed with your therapist. Crucially, you can fit your recovery programme around any existing work, family or other commitments. Our experience shows that this flexibility significantly improves clients’ engagement with their therapy which, in turn, leads to far greater success rates.
Therapists - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain

As an on-line therapy client, you will enjoy access to the same team of experts as all Phoenix clients. Your lead therapist will work with you throughout you on-line recovery journey – through regular video conferencing – providing support, guidance, expertise and, above all, understanding.

As well as being fully qualified experts in their professional fields, all our therapists also have first hand experience of overcoming addiction, so you can be confident you will be working with someone with a unique understanding of your situation.
VIDEO CONFERENCING - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
Video conferencing

At the heart of all on-line programmes are the 1:1 video conference sessions which you will have with your therapist. These utilise the latest video conferencing technology to ensure that you are able to build a strong, trusting relationship with your therapist, just as you would on one of our face to face programmes.

Sessions are conducted on your choice of computer, tablet or smartphone - giving you maximum choice and flexibility.
TASKS AND WORKBOOKS - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
Tasks and workbooks

All Phoenix on-line therapy clients follow exactly the same programme – based around the tried and trusted Phoenix recovery model - as residential and day care clients. Built upon the hugely successful 12 step recovery model, the Phoenix Programme is the product of many, many years experience in treating alcohol, drug and behavioural addictions and has helped thousands of clients from around the world.

Throughout your recovery programme, your therapist will set you specific tasks and activities to work through – using a comprehensive set of workbooks. All materials are included in the price of the programme and will provide a valuable resource in your continuing recovery once treatment ends.
PROVEN SUCCESS - Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
Proven success

Because all clients following a Phoenix on-line therapy programme are working with the same therapists and materials as residential and day care clients, they can be assured that they are following a proven programme which has helped thousands of others recover from their addictions.

Sometimes clients ask us whether face to face counselling is somehow ‘better’ than video counselling although, in our experience, recovery rates for both types of treatment are broadly similar. Academic evidence also confirms that online therapy has lots of additional benefits and is a fully effective treatment method. Some of the main findings from research in this area include*:

  • Online therapy has been shown to have the same positive outcomes as face-to-face therapy
  • Overall, patients receiving online therapy are very satisfied with their experiences, with many saying that the service is easy to use and means they don’t have to travel to appointments
  • Mental health assessments made using online therapy were shown to be just as reliable as assessments made during face-to-face therapy
*Source: World Journal of Psychology

Meet the team

Our online therapy programmes are delivered by two of our most experienced addiction therapists, Chris Spencer and Anita Cragen.

Chris Spencer - ICADC FDAP

Programme Director / Addiction Specialist

Chris Spencer is an (ICADC) qualified therapist and certified by (FDAP). He is recognised as one of the world's leading experts in addiction therapies. He is qualified in The Twelve Step Recovery Dynamic programme & The MATRIX Program. Chris developed The Seven Stage Phoenix Programme whilst working in the Middle East. Chris has worked professionally with clients from around the world and has over 25 years of experience. Chris has over 25 years of experience in the addiction field.

Anita Cragen - ICADC

Senior Addiction Specialist

Anita Cragen is an (ICADC) qualified therapist and certified by (FDAP). Anita has worked with individuals from around the world showing them a new way of life. She specialises in helping young people and mothers with addiction issues and addressing problems, caused by addiction and alcoholism, within the family unit.

Anita has over 15 years of experience in the addiction field.

The 12 Step Model

Our programmes are the only on-line solutions which take clients through the full 12 step recovery model. Find out more about the 12 step model.

Online Rehab Treatment Programme 12 Steps

To find out more about how Phoenix Online Programme can help you contact us today.

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