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Listed below are some of most commonly asked questions about Phoenix Programmes addiction treatment centre and our services. If you cannot find the information you require please contact us.

1. What happens during an Assessment?

During your assessment one of our therapists will gently guide you through a range of questions to establish the exact nature and severity of any problem. Once this has been identified, they will then be able to present you with a range of different treatment options and discuss the best solution for you.

2. How much does it cost?

Your initial assessment will cost 100 Euros, which includes the 90 minute assessment as well as the preparation of a full and detailed report. If you decide to progress with further treatment (e.g. 1:1 sessions or our Day Treatment programme) then the cost will be refunded. If we do not believe that you require any treatment then we will tell you so. You will never need to pay for any treatment you do not need and are under no obligation to proceed with treatment.

3. Is the service confidential?

All enquiries, assessment and treatment are completely confidential. We will not share details of any treatment with anyone else (e.g. your doctor) unless you ask us to do so.

4. Where will the assessment take place?

Assessments will be conducted in our comfortable consulting room in the Triay Medical Centre.

5. If I go ahead with treatment what will that involve?

You will find further details of treatment options on the web-site although your therapist will explain all proposed treatment options to you and they will be clearly detailed in the report.

6. Can my family/partner be involved in treatment?

The initial assessment needs to be completed with you directly, although if your alcohol or drug use has caused family/relationship problems then it is possible for your family or loved ones to be involved in aspects of your treatment and to attend some sessions with you.

7. What happens after treatment?

When you complete your treatment you will have a full understanding of your problem and the underlying causes, as well as having a range of tools and strategies to deal with and manage your alcohol/drug usage. Included in the cost of treatment is a comprehensive one month Aftercare package and it is possible to purchase additional aftercare if required.

8. Can I fit treatment around my home/work life?

One of the advantages of 1:1 sessions and Day Treatment is that they cause less disruption to home/work life than In-Patient treatment and, during your Assessment, you will be able to discuss an appropriate treatment schedule.

9. Do I have to tell my employer about my treatment?

You are under no obligation to tell your employer that you are receiving treatment and we will not share any information with a third party. However, employers are becoming increasingly aware of the problems of alcohol/drug misuse and you may wish to discuss things with your employer, who might be able to assist with arranging time off or even contributing towards the cost of treatment. The decision on who you tell about any treatment is, of course, yours.

10. How succesful is the treatment?

The Phoenix Programme is a tried and proven methodology and we have some of the highest success rates in the recovery field. However, your success will depend upon your commitment to the treatment programme and upon attending all scheduled sessions.

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