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I needed an option that would work around my life and commitments. Phoenix’s Online treatment programme was the solution. I chose their recovery plus programme. so I had almost daily sessions with my therapist for the first month.

If you are looking for a solution to addiction and a new way of living, in beautiful surroundings, with added extras then I would highly recommend Phoenix Programmes luxury residential rehab centre.

My problem drinking had been affecting my life for many years. I had tried rehab previously and it worked for a short while. Then I secretly started using drugs instead, hiding it from my friends & family until drugs weren’t enough, and I picked up a drink again.

The team are professional, experienced, and caring - I have been given a different life. I have learnt to ask for help and not to isolate myself emotionally. . I was so lucky to find Phoenix Programmes and I would say to anyone

I had a problem with cocaine which turned into a full-blown addiction. Being in a high-pressure job in marketing and having to socialise lunchtimes and most evenings it quickly became a way of life and I was taking cocaine just to get the day started.

Having been drinking for over 20 years losing my family, my company, my home and nearly my life; I was ready for treatment. There was no one big event that convinced me to stop drinking. I just knew that carrying on the way I was

When I first came to the residential rehab centre, my head and thoughts were up in the clouds for nearly 2 weeks and my anxiety was through the roof, but as the days went by, I started to come back into myself. It is so nice now to wake up and have a different perspective on things.

I really began to enjoy my recovery and the program, the whole team were such good teachers and really knew what they were talking about. Sessions with my therapist have been so helpful and her warmth and kindness has been so valuable to me.

I was anxious about the whole situation, but she made me feel comfortable and we clicked straight away. After a few days detoxing and coming off the drugs we got straight into it. I immediately felt a lot better.

After 27 years of daily drinking and drug abuse. I was broken, desperate and had no will to live. Three months on I feel like I have never felt before; grateful for my sobriety and ready for the start of my new life in the big wide world.

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