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- an effective, proven solution in the treatment of addiction

The 7 Stage Phoenix Model was developed through decades of experience, working with thousands of clients suffering the misery of addiction and helping them build new lives. At the heart of the model lies the principle that through surrender (from fighting or trying to control one's alcoholism, addiction or compulsion) and an acceptance of defeat comes freedom and with it the ability to build a new life in sobriety.

Many individuals suffering from alcoholism, addiction or compulsive disorders find that they experience feelings of unease, even when there appears to be no immediate or significant cause. These negative feelings will often continue to persist even when the addictive behaviour (such as abusing alcohol, drugs or gambling) is removed. Medical treatment alone can never provide the full solution. The 7 Stage Phoenix Model is a unique treatment methodology which can be tailored to the specific needs of each client, depending on their particular problem, culture, faith or medical situation.

It is based around a 7 Stage core program, which clients are gently guided through during their time at Phoenix Programmes. It is not a passive treatment model and clients work hard on themselves. At times it is challenging, although the reward is priceless: a complete change in thinking - affecting mind, body and spirit – allowing clients to live an on-going life free from all mind-altering substances or behaviours.

The Phoenix Programme
The Phoenix Programme
The Phoenix Programme

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